Tractor Trailer Rollover on Rte 131

Monday August 10, 2015
Rte 131 Weathersfield VT

A tractor trailer loaded with wood chips failed to negotiate the sharp corner, locally known as "Dead Man's Corner", on Rte 131 just east of Downer's Four Corners. The driver of the St. Onges trailer out of Newport Vt was uninjured. 

Mark Heberts, a DMV Truck Enforcement officer said, after checking for mechanical defects, that the driver probably took the corner too fast and with the load he was carrying just tipped over. Hebert will be inspecting the truck and the driver's log once the wood chips have been removed and the trailer towed. Officers on the scene estimate that Route 131 will be closed or down to one lane most of the day. Drivers are asked to avoid the area and detour using Amsden School Rd.

West Weathersfield Fire Department was on the scene for most of the day.

Tractor Trailer Overturned in Weathersfield
Rte 131
WeathersfieldVT  August 10, 2015
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