Thursday, February 28, 2013

Famous Roast Beef Suppers in Hartland VT

Adam Parker delivers roast beef to Lana Manning
For over 35 years the Hartland First Congregational Church has hosted their Famous Roast Beef Suppers. The suppers run for nine consecutive Saturdays in late January-March. This year’s suppers end on March 16th. Three teams of kitchen and dining room volunteers work three suppers. Volunteers are church members, community members and their friends. Some of the twenty-somethings have been volunteering since they were five years old. 

John Duman slices the roast beef
Martha Dow readies the dinner rolls
Rhonda Lamica gets more roast beef and rolls ready for the tables
Jami-Lee Fernandes slices up the pies
The menu includes roast beef, home made pies, rolls, and side dishes, all homemade drawing hungry patrons from throughout the region. Some folks attend all nine suppers and some have been attending since the suppers began. Each supper serves anywhere from 250-300 diners.

More event images: Photos by Nanci SmugMug

Roast Beef Supper
Hosted by Hartland First Congregational Church
Hartland VT February 23, 2013
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VINS Owl Festival

The Vermont Institute of Natural Science (VINS) hosted their annual Owl Festival on Saturday. Folks travelled from as far away as Saratoga NY for the event. The event was listed in Yankee Magazine as something to do in February! 
The day started with many activities for young and old alike; from exploring Owl Senses, Owl Bingo, Owl Crafts and Obtacles to Owl Pellet dissection (a very popular activity.)

The highlight of the day was meeting the owls. About 75 VINS visitors greeted Snowy, the Snowy Owl.

More event images: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

Owl Festival 2013
Hosted at Vermont Institute of Natural Science
Quechee VT February 23, 2013
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Pig Roast for Long Hill Snowmobile Club

With another Nor’easter in the forecast, the folks of the Long Hill Snowmobile Club of South Woodstock VT were excited to be hosting a Pig Roast to benefit the club on Saturday. Shane Barrows of Woodstock starting cooking the pig at 8:30 PM on Friday evening; Barrows figures the pig will feed about 150 hungry people. In addition to pig, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac & cheese, and various salads were served. The reasonable price made it easy for folks out riding the trails to stop by for a quick lunch-$10 for adults and $5 for children. Folks were encouraged to arrive by snowmobile or by car.
The organizers also held a 50/50 Raffle, a raffle for many prizes donated by local are businesses and a special raffle for a gun purchased by the club specifically for the raffle. Tickets for the gun went fast and were sold-out by noontime. 

The Windsor County Sherriff’s Department also stopped by and were offering free sled inspections—they look for Vermont Association of Snow Travelers Trail Maintenance Association registration and proof of insurance.
Music was provided by locals Woody Thompson and Brian Ward.

More event images: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

Pig Roast
Hosted by the Long Hill Snowmobile Club
South Woodstock Fire Station
South Woodstock VT February 23, 2013
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Monday, February 25, 2013

Signal Kitchen Hosts Chuck Cannon and Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins
Signal Kitchen, 71 Main Street Burlington VT hosted Shawn Mullins with Special Guest Chuck Cannon  on a snowy Sunday night. 

Just down the alley after the Ski Rack on Main Street in Burlington is one of the area's newest intimate concert venues. Opening in June 2012 during the Discover Jazz Festival, the basement concert hall can hold up to two hundred people, for the Mullins concert there were about 117 people in the house.

After locating the venue, about eighteen fans began lining up around 7 PM for 7:30 doors. The venue sold the first two rows as VIP GA seats that included a Meet and Greet after the show.

Nashville artist Chuck Cannon took the stage at 8:14 and played about 35 minutes. He was introduced by Shawn Mullins as Shawn's good friend and co-writer. Cannon said he was excited to be in Vermont, he "learned to ski up at Killington" he told the crowd. The crowd politely corrected him...down at Killington. 

He then told the folks that when friends back home heard he was heading to Vermont, they said "it's so cold up there", Chuck replied "But the people are so warm!". That got a big round of applause. 

He opened with "Money Don't Matter" off his Love and Money CD and closed with a song off his new CD Symphony of Scars "You Let the Fox Watch The Hen House." He brought Shawn and bass player Tom Ryan up for a few songs and the trio looked like they were having a blast. The harmonies were stellar on the venue's sound system.
After a brief intermission, Shawn Mullins quietly walked on stage a little after 9 PM. he opened with "Twin Rocks, Oregon."

He brought Chuck Cannon up on stage to sing a few songs the two co-wrote over the years. Namely "Light You Up", "California", "We All Need A Little Sunshine", "Catoosa County".

At the end of Catoosa, Chuck said "That right there was two southern boys having fun writing a song." If you do a WIKI look up for Catoosa you'll see this: Shawn Mullins' 2010 album Light You Up included a song titled "Catoosa County", a semi-fictional account of the Civil War conflicts that took place in the county.

Halfway into his set he asked the crowd "Any beautiful wrecks out there?" and burst into a song off his first CD with Vanguard Records the 2006 hit "Beautiful Wreck."

He then told the crowd "This next song was written in a Chinese restaurant/music venue, Genghis Cohen in Hollywood CA." He also told the crowd the food was good and they should check the place out if they were ever in Hollywood. The crowd new what was coming..."Lullaby"

He closed the show by saying he's giving a "tip of the hat to the late great Johnny Cash." He called Chuck back on stage for "Ghost of Johnny Cash" a song written by Chuck Cannon and Phil Madeira. The trio left the stage at 10:24 PM. But not before Shawn yelled to the crowd "I'm in love with this venue!"

More performance images: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

After the show Shawn did a Meet and Greet for some fans and was kind enough to autograph a photo I took of him.

Shawn Mullins
With Special Guest Chuck Cannon 
Signal Kitchen, 71 Main Street
Burlington VT February 24, 2013
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Saw two accidents on the way home

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Artisan Trunk Show in Woodstock

Local artists gathered on Saturday at the Little Theatre in Woodstock VT for a "Artisan Trunk Show." About 15 artists displayed their crafts, prints and foods. The event was organized by Kimberly DiNofrio and Andrea Trzaskos both were also selling their crafts.

More event images: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

A nice write-up appeared in The Mountain Times

Vermont Artisan Trunk Show
Little Theatre
Woodstock VT February 16, 2013
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Vermont Flurry, Snow Sculptures in Woodstock

Edward Forrest works on “Ad Lib”
 featuring an owl and a seal playing with a ball.
Local and National Snow Sculpture Artists gathered last week on the Green in Woodstock to create some fantastic sculptures. The event was sponsored by Pentangle Arts Council and the ArtisTree along with support from various local businesses.

Visiting from Winston-Salem North Carolina, Cade Lindsay 9 was inspired to work on his own snow sculpture. Cade was visiting with his family doing research for his 3rd grade project about Vermont.

More event images: Photos by Nanci SmugMug

Woodstock Snow Sculptures
On The Green
Woodstock VT February 16, 2013
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Friday, February 15, 2013

5th Annual Hartland UU Church Chocolate Auction!

Sunday the First Universalist Society of Hartland hosted its 5th Annual Chocolate Auction just in time for Valentine’s Day! Over forty four items were up for bid including truffles, cakes, pies and Harpoon Chocolate Stout Beer. Children had the opportunity to bid on desserts set aside for them, the buckets of dirt and worms (crumbled chocolate cookies, pudding and gummy worms) were very popular.

More Event Images: Photos By Nanci SmugMug
5th Annual Chocolate Auction
Hosted by First Universalist Society of Hartland VT
Hartland VT February 10, 2013
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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alternative At Home-Free Show at Lebanon Opera House

As part of their Free at Home concert series, the Lebanon Opera House hosted Alternative At Home on Thursday night.
The featured band was Turkey Point Swim Club made up Vermont musicians Davis McGraw (of The Pilgrims), Caleb Thomas (of Thompson Gunner) and Ryan Hebert (of Giant Travel Avant Garde)
The guys played a good mix of originals and covers and appeared tight even after stating that they had practiced together three times.
The evening started with singer-songwriter actor Justin Goodrich.

From his website: He has independently released two official EP's, most notable for being acoustic guitar and vocals only though performed loudly and aggressively, and for their video-accompanied singles "Deeper Inside" and "Love You Still" shot by Disasterous Film. His music often lends itself to mid-tempo, minor key, broodish ballads with theatrical arrangements, dark, metaphorical lyrical content and Justins noticeably '60's crooner-esque vocal delivery.

Justin seldom performs live, describing his obsessive time spent in his home studio over the last year as there being "a much bigger sounding picture in store for my music, and I focus all of my attention on learning and painting it", but has made several appearances at small, notable local venues such as Hard Rock Cafe Boston and Coolidge Corner Theatre in February '12 where he joined The Betsi Feathers burlesque troop as a musical guest in front of a sold-out crowd.

In October '11 he performed the song 'In The Night' via Skype on the popular web-hosted video podcast NSFW, gaining his most popular selling song since 2005's "I Love You In Roses" made popular by it's performance in the Community Alliance for Teen Safety Battle of the Bands at Lowell Memorial Auditorium (during Justin's senior year of high school).

Justin had a small role as Undergrad #2 in the Disney film "The Surrogates" in 2009, and in 2010 was cast as the haunted boy in the SyFy original made-for-TV movie "The Haunted Boy: Secret Diary of The Exorcist", filmed at Rolling Hills Aslyum in E. Bethany, NY, which was featured in the first season of Ghost Hunters. October '12 see's Justin taking over writing, acting and directing duties via Diorama Records in the creation of the currently in-production short-film tentatively titled "The List" about a well-read man struggling with social inadequacies and a haunting past.​

The Free At Home Concert Series is sponsored by Citizens Bank, Lebanon Rec Dept. and the Lebanon Opera House.

More images from the show: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

Alternative At Home 2013
Season Two
Turkey Point Swim Club with Justin Goodrich
Lebanon Opera House, Citizens Bank, Lebanon Rec Dept.
Lebanon Opera House, Lebanon NH February 7, 2013
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Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Scramble The Egg

On Wednesday night February 6, Grace Potter and the Nocturnals brought their Roar Tour to The Egg in Albany NY. The band last appeared in Albany in June 2009 for an Alive At 5 Concert on the Waterfront. The Nocturnals took the stage as the MGM theme played the lion's roar. A thundering drum beat got the crowd on their feet to welcome the Nocs to the Hart Theatre; the band broke into the title track to their current release "The Lion, The Beast, The Beat."
The Egg Performing Arts Center, Abany NY
Courtesy photo
Potter told the crowd that it was OK to stand and dance , but would understand if folks needed a break and sat but no arguments about people standing and dancing in front of you or she would have to leave the stage and "take care" of the situation.
The seventeen song set was a little short, according to the die hard Posse people in the crowd. (The Potterville Posse are a bunch of true fans that follow the band all over the country!) But contained a few gems that the Posse agreed were very special to witness. The band did a few in their "campfire" arrangements including Hank Williams' Devil's Train:

A version of House of the Rising Sun (a traditional folk song made famous by The Animals) (This video was picked up by Glide Magazine's Hidden Track!)

And a cover of Ben. E. King's Stand By Me. The band was joined on stage by Houndmouth, the show's opener. Houndmouth is a folk rock band from Indiana and Kentucky. They delivered a great set list and I'm sure they sold a bunch or EPs--they were that good! 

Scott Tournet and Benny Yurco
Michael Libramento
Scott Tournet
Matt Burr
It was also a special night for the band's bass player, Michael Libramento, it was his one year anniversary with the Nocturnals. Grace presented him with his own Gibson Dove Guitar.
Two great show recordings are posted on!
JT The Taper
James B
More images of the show: Photos by Nanci SmugMug
Nice Review by Greg Haymes for the Times Union.
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
With Houndmouth
Hart Theatre, The Egg
Albany NY February 6, 2013
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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Suicide Six High School Ski Race-Senior Day

Race Winner Saywer Mattsson WUHS
With bitter cold winds blowing and the already challenging slopes of Suicide Six very icy, five area alpine ski teams battled despite the crazy conditions. Students from Bur and Forty-six girls and thirty-five boys from Burton Academy, Rutland High School, Thetford Academy, some independent students and the Woodstock Union High School hit the slopes. Some literally hit the slopes. There were many wipe outs but only minor injuries reported.
Jocelyn Werle WUHS
More Race Images and Awards: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

Hartland Chili Cook Off and Sculptures for Winterfest

Hartland celebrated winter despite the lack of snow on Saturday with its annual Winterfest Chili Cook Off. The Hartland Recreation Department sponsored the cook off and a snow sculpture competition, where photos of sculptures created when we had snow we submitted online, printed out and voted on. In addition, there was a silent auction to benefit the 8th Grade Graduation Trip and the Hartland Cooperative Nursery School.

The Chili winners first place Jenn and George Burne for their Rte 12 Chili, second place Julie Abernathy’s Maple Chili, and third place Dam Good Chili made by Tanner Potter last year’s first place winner. The first place prize for the snow sculptures went to Cal and Silvia Hale for the dog with dog creation.

More images from the Chili Cook Off: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

Hartland Chili Cook Off
Hartland Recreation Department
Hartland VT February 2, 2013
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