Signal Kitchen Hosts Chuck Cannon and Shawn Mullins

Shawn Mullins
Signal Kitchen, 71 Main Street Burlington VT hosted Shawn Mullins with Special Guest Chuck Cannon  on a snowy Sunday night. 

Just down the alley after the Ski Rack on Main Street in Burlington is one of the area's newest intimate concert venues. Opening in June 2012 during the Discover Jazz Festival, the basement concert hall can hold up to two hundred people, for the Mullins concert there were about 117 people in the house.

After locating the venue, about eighteen fans began lining up around 7 PM for 7:30 doors. The venue sold the first two rows as VIP GA seats that included a Meet and Greet after the show.

Nashville artist Chuck Cannon took the stage at 8:14 and played about 35 minutes. He was introduced by Shawn Mullins as Shawn's good friend and co-writer. Cannon said he was excited to be in Vermont, he "learned to ski up at Killington" he told the crowd. The crowd politely corrected him...down at Killington. 

He then told the folks that when friends back home heard he was heading to Vermont, they said "it's so cold up there", Chuck replied "But the people are so warm!". That got a big round of applause. 

He opened with "Money Don't Matter" off his Love and Money CD and closed with a song off his new CD Symphony of Scars "You Let the Fox Watch The Hen House." He brought Shawn and bass player Tom Ryan up for a few songs and the trio looked like they were having a blast. The harmonies were stellar on the venue's sound system.
After a brief intermission, Shawn Mullins quietly walked on stage a little after 9 PM. he opened with "Twin Rocks, Oregon."

He brought Chuck Cannon up on stage to sing a few songs the two co-wrote over the years. Namely "Light You Up", "California", "We All Need A Little Sunshine", "Catoosa County".

At the end of Catoosa, Chuck said "That right there was two southern boys having fun writing a song." If you do a WIKI look up for Catoosa you'll see this: Shawn Mullins' 2010 album Light You Up included a song titled "Catoosa County", a semi-fictional account of the Civil War conflicts that took place in the county.

Halfway into his set he asked the crowd "Any beautiful wrecks out there?" and burst into a song off his first CD with Vanguard Records the 2006 hit "Beautiful Wreck."

He then told the crowd "This next song was written in a Chinese restaurant/music venue, Genghis Cohen in Hollywood CA." He also told the crowd the food was good and they should check the place out if they were ever in Hollywood. The crowd new what was coming..."Lullaby"

He closed the show by saying he's giving a "tip of the hat to the late great Johnny Cash." He called Chuck back on stage for "Ghost of Johnny Cash" a song written by Chuck Cannon and Phil Madeira. The trio left the stage at 10:24 PM. But not before Shawn yelled to the crowd "I'm in love with this venue!"

More performance images: Photos By Nanci SmugMug

After the show Shawn did a Meet and Greet for some fans and was kind enough to autograph a photo I took of him.

Shawn Mullins
With Special Guest Chuck Cannon 
Signal Kitchen, 71 Main Street
Burlington VT February 24, 2013
Copyright ©2013 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
More images of Shawn:

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