1776 Project at Briggs-I Hope You Have Your Tickets

The final days of 1776 at the Briggs Opera House are upon us. However, if you don't already have your tickets, you'll be missing a fantastic play. The nine date performance closes this weekend and all the shows are SOLD-OUT. There was talk of setting up a wait-list, please email the1776projectVT@gmail.com, call 1-802-295-7100 or visit their Facebook Page for more information.

On Sunday, April 8 I time-traveled back to 1776 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I has a front row seat to the Continental Congress. It was like stepping into a painting.

In the months and days leading up to the Declaration of Independence, I witnessed how consensus was reached and how thoughtful arguments could be made to convince an opponent to see your side of an issue.

The 1776 Project was community theatre at it's best. It not only entertained but gave you a history lesson and created an atmosphere to open dialogue among our own community and friends to discuss many politically sensitive areas.

The 1776 Project  even created a project guideline and hosted talk back sessions to help generate these community conversations.

There were even women actors playing men and after a few minutes you just didn't notice the gender difference-take that Master Shakespeare!

This wasn't a boring history lesson, you became immersed in John Adam's frustration to make the other members of the Continental Congress see that the only way to real freedom was to break from England.

One of the most powerful segments is when Edward Rutledge: Delegate from South Carolina. and the youngest member of Congress, leads the opposition to the Declaration because it advocates the abolition of slavery. After much debate, Jefferson and Adams agree to remove the article.

The two act play is based on a book by Peter Stone. The Music and Lyrics are by Sherman Edwards. Locally the play was produced and directed by Perry Allison.

I really hope you have seen this play or you have tickets for this weekend. It's an Upper Valley event you should not miss.

More photos from the performance: CLICK HERE

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