Weathersfield School Staff WINS 5th Annual Town Challenge #WeathersfieldVT #VT

Saturday April 16, 2016
Weathersfield School
Ascutney VT
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy

The 5th Annual Town Challenge was held this past Saturday at the Weathersfield School. Nine Teams from around town competed in this fundraiser benefiting the Weathersfield Proctor Library Expansion Fund. Over 100 people attended and over $1000 was raised.

Each team would toss a die and answer a question in the category that would come up. Teams competing included:

Ascutney Volunteer Fire Department,

The Select Board,

The Weathersfield Proctor Library,

The Students,

The Veterans Memorial Committee,

The Weathersfield Historical Society,

The School Board,

And the Town Employees (not pictured)

Ginger Wimberg was the MC for the evening.

Ms. Wimberg delivered some pretty "Challenging" questions during the evening.

After the initial eight rounds of questions, ranging from sports, music, geography, spelling, current events and Weathersfield Town History, the Weathersfield School Staff team (Sean Whalen, Lora Powers, Wendy Allen, and Patty Pomerleau) was perfect.

The Town Employees, the Fire Department and The Historical Society were tied with six correct answers.

During the "lightening round", Ms. Wimberg would ask one question of all the top teams; the team would write their answers on a white board. As teams dropped, the School Staff kept coming up with the correct answers. They would hold on for the win.

Congratulations to the Weathersfield School Staff!

It's not too early to start brushing up on your trivia and forming a team for next year's 6th Annual Town Challenge.

The Library Team collected the most support donations prior to the event. And donations to the Expansion Fund continue to roll in.

More images from the event:

Weathersfield Town Challenge
A Benefit for the Weathersfield Proctor Library Expansion Fund
Weathersfield School
Ascutney VT April 16, 2016
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