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Ireland 2016
CIE Tour-Irish Pubs and Folklore
March 19-26, 2016

Tuesday March 22-Killarney, Dingle Peninsula, Sheep Dogs and Kate Kearney's Cottage

Our coach heads to Killarney; we'll be staying at The International for two nights, room 220. Dennis tells us he'll be leaving us because his Gran had passed away so Michael will be driving us the rest of the week. Our dinner will be at 6:45 p.m., Breakfast at 7:30 a.m. and we'll be leaving at 8:45 a.m. for our Dingle Peninsula adventure.

At dinner I try Tyrconnell Whiskey. A whiskey from the 1900s that was named after a horse that won a legendary race after being given 100 to 1 odds. The whiskey is made from 100% malted barley and fermented in copper pot stills. For dinner Jay and I both shoose the Irsh Salmon for our app.. Barley stew for Jay, pasta and herb sauce for me. For dessert I go BIG with the chocolate gateau and Jay tries the profiteroles (little cream puffs.)

Back up stairs, our hallway is filled with screaming children. Running up and down the hall and yelling. Completely out of control. I open the door and tell them to please be quiet, they settle down for a while-at least we got some sleep but not much.

We're up and at breakfast for 7:30 and on the coach at 8:45 a.m., well most of are. They are always a few stragglers.

We head up a hill to Aghadoe Heights with views of the  lakes and Reeks (mountains) for a group picture.

And we're off on our Wild Atlantic Drive. We make our way to Slea Head, with spectacular views of the Altantic Ocean, ancient "Beehive Huts." Micheal recommends we read "How The Irish Saved Civilization." The Romans avoided Ireland because they though of it as the land of winter-Hibernia-a place to hibernate. So it became an island of saints and scholars.

The movie "The Quiet Man" was filmed here.

Our first stop is the South Pole Inn, formerly owned by Antarctic explorer Tom Crean for an Irish Coffee and some storytelling of Crean's adventures.

We stop at a shop that is keeping the Ogham writing alive.

Next we meet a very colorful character, Gabriel Kavanagh and his sheep dogs. (Patrick Kavanagh penned the book "The Great Hunger" where he uncovers some of the myths about the Irish famine.)

Sailor is just a year old but his training as a sheep dog has already begun.

Back in Dingle we have time for lunch. We stop in at The Boatyard Restaurant and Bar. I get the open brown bread sandwich of Dingle crab meat and shrimp with a Bushmills Single malt and Jay goes for the seafood chowder and Guinness,

And it's back to Killarney for dinner of traditional food and music at Kate Kearney's Cottage. We get back to our hotel room to freshen up before dinner and see that the hotel manager has left us a bag of chocolate toffee as a written apology for the "banshee noise" (my phrase) the night before. Apparently the minors were unattended by parental units until 5 a.m.

Back on the coach and off to dinner with Trad and Dancing.

I have a couple of videos from the evening that I'll post soon to my YouTube channel:

Check out Joselyn from New Zealand!

Kate Kearney was a bootlegger. John will be our night home driver as Michael is approaching his hours. We'll leave the Cottage at 9:45 p.m.

I try the Yellow Spot 12 year single pot still Irish whiskey that has been aged in bourbob barrels then triple distilled-it was very good!

The band "Tuatha" performed: Barry, Mike and Donal.

Great fun! back to the hotel and set the alram for 5:30 a.m. we have a ferry to catch!

More images from Day 4:

Next up The Cliffs of Moher, Galway and Westport!

Irish Pubs and Folklore
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March 19-26, 2016
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