Fiber Arts Camp in Hartland VT

For the second summer in a row, Hartland Recreation and  Hartland Community Arts are hosting a Fiber Arts Camp. The camp has been taught by Hartland Elementary School Arts Teacher, Janet Cathey. This year six girls are enrolled, 6th graders: Bea Wendling, Shelby Varley, Isabel Hamilton, Lilly Kendall, 5th grader Karina James and 4th grader Ceci Wendling. The girls are making pom-poms, a community weaving project,  Yarn Bombing around the school and creating batik t-shirts and silk scarves.
 Making pom-poms.
 A community recycled cloth rug.
Yarn Bombing around the school.

Fiber Arts Camp
Hartland VT July 1, 2014
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