ArtisTree Daily Painters: Lynn Van Natta

West Windsor Vermont
February 11, 2014

I spent a sunny afternoon last week with local artist Lynn Van Natta at her home in West Windsor Vermont. I was photographing her for an upcoming feature article in The Vermont Standard on the ArtisTree Daily Painters Group

According to the ArtisTree website:
The Artistree Daily Painters (are) a group of local painters that have made a year-long commitment to making one painting each day for the entire year! Involvement as a daily painter provides a discipline in which artists can grow and develop already known skills, plus face new challenges and grow through the daily practice of painting. A private Flickr Artistree Daily Painter group page will be provided to photograph and post your daily paintings. At the end of the year the Artistree Gallery will honor the Daily Painters with a year-end show featuring paintings from the group.

Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

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