The Naked Table Project 2013

Last Sunday August 18, about 110 people attended the 5th Annual Naked Table Project Lunch. The event was hosted by Sustainable Woodstock and catered by the Woodstock Farmer's Market
Charles Shackleton welcome the hungry diners
The lunch caps off a weekend of woodworking where folks get to make a "naked table" of their own to bring home, one table is even being shipped to California
Shaun (far right) and Beverly Matthews (far left) will
shipping their table back home to San Luis Obispo California
According to Charles Shackleton "It is the 5th annual and the 16th that we have done, with 183 tables having been made, 18 of them yesterday (on September 17) at the Shackleton Thomas workshop." In addition, Shackleton adds "All the sugar maple wood was harvested at the Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Park." The trees harvested were all between 80-100 years old.

Michael Snyder, the Vermont Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation spoke about the importance of forests in Vermont. He got a laugh from the crowd when he said "Wood is just one letter away from Food!"
Sally Miller, Director of Sustainable Woodstock explains about the lunch. This year it was a fundraiser for Sustainable Woodstock.

Patrick Crowl, Woodstock Farmer's Market tells the diners about the local food they will be enjoying.
Some of the many Sustainable Woodstock volunteers that made the event happen.
More images from the event: Photos By Nanci

5th Annual The Naked Table Project
Special Guest: Michael Snyder, Vermont Commissioner of Forests, Parks and Recreation
Sustainable Woodstock Community Lunch Catered by Woodstock Farmer's Market
Middle Bridge Woodstock VT August 18, 2013
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