Vermont Stone Cross Co. Open Studio Weekend Spring 2013

It's a family affair...The Hamblins of Hartland are very "crafty" people.  Mom makes "Green Mountain Treats" for cats and dogs, Dad makes furniture and collectibles from recycle barn boards and Kenny Hamblin IV is the creator of Vermont Stone Crosses.  Stone masons by trade the Hamblin men now focus their talents on stone and wood crafts for the home.

On Saturday, Kenny the III and Kenny the IV opened their studio Vermont Stone Cross Co. to visitors as part of the statewide "Open Studio Weekend"; held twice a year in the spring and fall. The younger Hamblin creates carved stone trays, oil lamps, table lamps, and now stone crosses. Like the great stone carvers before him (Michelangelo) Hamblin says the stone tells him what it should be made into. He examines its shape, color and texture then begins to reshape the stone. He creations are unique and very affordable.

More studio images: Vermont Cross Co. Pics

Open Studio Weekend
Kenny Hamblin IV, Vermont Stone Cross Co.
Hartland VT May 25, 2013
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