Grand Tour of Italy Day 13 Sorrento to Rome, il Colosseo

Day 13 Thursday March 28, 2013
Sorrento to Rome
Arrivederci Sorrento! Not sure why but I'm up at 4:30 AM. Luggage and breakfast aren't until 6:50 AM. OY! Cloudy and showers again today, at least it is a little warmer than it has been. So today we head back north to ROME!! The melting pot of Italy, city of 3 million people in about 500 square miles. We leave Sorrento about 8 AM and from the bus we can see greenhouses and fruit trees in bloom.
We even get a glimpse of Mt Vesuvius in the clouds...
We make a cappuccino stop at the Liola Bar. 5 euros for two cappuccinos.
Now that's a rest stop drink fountain!
More images on our ride from Sorrento to Rome, click here.
Around 11:30 we stop at the Autogrill for lunch. They aren't quite open and I think they feel the pressure as 34 hungry bus people lined up for food! For 14,90 euros we get 2-breads, Insalata Sorrento, a small salad, and a bowl of tortellini.

Back on the bus and Misia gives us a brief history of Rome and the Italian Political System. Rome is the capital of Italy and the Lazio Region. Rome is referred to as "The Eternal City." Rome was founded in 753 BC and is one of the oldest cities in Europe. In 1 AD, Rome became the seat of the Papacy. The most important thing covered is that the city is divided by the Tiber River.

We arrive at the Colosseum and meet our guide for the next two days, Ioanna.
She explains the history of the Colosseum and the Arch of Constantinople.
She uses a great book with overlays to show us how the Colosseum once looked in Ancient Roman times compared to the present.
We have arrived in Rome on Holy Thursday and the Colosseum is preparing for the new Pope to perform the "Way of the Cross" on Good Friday Evening.
More Colosseum images, click here.

From the Colosseum, we meet the bus at the aqueduct for a bus tour of the city.
Images from the bus tour, click here.

We arrive at our hotel, Hotel Borromini and to our great surprise our room has a jacuzzi!! Hotel images, click here.
Misia has arranged a special walking tour for us with a bus ride back to the city. We are meeting in the lobby about 5:15 for the tour. 
Images for the walking tour:
Our evening in Rome including the Spanish Steps, click here
Piazza Navona, click here.

We walk around on our own and find a nice little place for dinner, L'Insalata Ricca. Jay orders a liter of Peroni, I get a liter of water and for food Jay orders spaghetti con frutta di Mare and I have the Penne with spinach, carrots and eggplant. Very yummy and only 26 euros.
Images of dinner, click here.

What a crazy day...tomorrow, Good Friday, we visit the Vatican. 7 AM Breakfast, 7:45 AM bus to Vatican City!

Next up Vatican City and Farewell Dinner!
Pubblicare domani!!! (Post tomorrow)

Rome March 28 Day 13
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March 16-30, 2013
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