James McMurtry Sell Out BOTH Tupelo Music Halls

James McMurtry played back to back nights at Tupelo Vermont in White River Junction VT and Tupelo NH in Londonderry NH March 8 and 9. Both shows SOLD OUT.

Friday in Vermont:
Down Across the Delaware/Red Dress/Rachel's Song/Hurricane Party/You'd A Thought/Choctaw Bingo/(New song about ice fishing)/Ruby and Carlos-aborted/How Am I Gonna Find You Now/YouGot To Me/Can't Make It Here/Levelland/Restless/Peter Pan/These Things I've Come To Know.

During Choctaw, he called people up on the stage and ended up with about a dozen-it's a lot bigger stage than Londonderry. One guy moved his guitars and opened his water bottle and drank it. Rowdy but not a real problem yet and James encouraged them big time.

Then during Ruby and Carlos someone yelled "we should have all been so lucky" just before James was going to sing it. He stepped back, strummed his guitar a bit, sang the line, stepped back and played some more guitar and then just stopped saying he lost the song. 

Later a woman pleaded with him to play it over, but he said she would have to go to Londonderry. Before "Can't Make It Here" there was a persistent heckler in the back and James asked him his name and how much he was being paid to perform which shut him up. 

In the middle of the song, the water bottle guy came up and stood in front of the stage facing the crowd and saluted. James stopped to yell at him and told him to move on. He seamlessly picked the song back up where he left it, but he was royally pissed off. The same guy also came up at some point spilling his beer as he walked on the stage and left a note on his stool before James chased him off.
Setlist in Londaonderry was the same and both shows were about 1:40.
More images from McMurtry at Tupelo Vermont
More images from McMurtry at Tupelo NH

Bow Thayer opened both nights for McMurtry. View more images of Bow at Tupelo VT and images of Bow at Tupelo NH.

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