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Steven "Little Steven" Van Zandt Rock and Roll Forever Foundation.  ROCK AND ROLL HIGH SCHOOL

One of my rock and roll heroes has taken on a new crusade. Keep Kids in school with Rock & Roll. 

According to Van Zandt "There's a crisis in American Schools today. Drop-out rates are higher than ever. Student engagement is at an all-time low. In this moment, the devastating paradox I see is that music and arts programs are being cut."
But Van Zandt has a plan:
  • Curricular material based on an origianl forty chapter history featuring the best music writers and historians or our time (anyone who listens to "Little Steven's Underground Garage" on satellite radio or locally on The Point, knows Van Zandt IS a rock and roll historian!)
Some of The Point DJs and Steve
Support materials including remarkable original video content of rock and roll's most celebrated figures

A Website that will act as a gathering place, archive, and an interactive forum, breaking down the walls between education and entertainment.

A pilot phase is planned for a schools in New Jersey. Once the pilot program is up and running, teacher training will begin, a publicity tour will be launched and through its major partner Scholastic, Inc. materials will be made to interested middle schools nationwide, high school programs will follow.

Board Members of the Foundation include:  Bono,  Bruce Springsteen, Martin Scorsese, Van Zandt and Kenneth Zankel.

You can get involved by spreading the word to your local schools, donate to the Foundation, or see a Bruce Springsteen and the E-Street Band "Wrecking Ball Tour" show!

See a show, you ask...
 Van Zandt so believes in this Foundation and its mission that he is offering tour ticket packages to help fund the Foundation.

Three Levels are available to SPRINGSTEEN fans:
VIP Reception
Premium Seats

Check out the Foundation's website for more info.

Van Zandt appeared on "The View"

Steve visits FUSE:

And to get psyched for the tour, check out my Springsteen images from years past at: Bruce

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