The Dancing Queens were out for Bjorn Again

Bjorn Again
Lebanon Opera House
Lebanon NH May 14, 2010
Sponsored by Lake Sunapee Bank

Climb aboard and take a trip back to the 1970s. ABBA a Swedish rock band was hugely popular, crazy polyester clothes were in style and DISCO was all the rage. An unlikely time machine took us there Friday evening May 14, the Lebanon Opera House.

The crowd was smiling, holding hands and singing all through the night. The ushers commented on what a great show this was, they’d never before witnessed so much dancing and shear enjoyment by an opera house audience. And the reason for all this joy…BJORN AGAIN.

Bjorn Again is a group/troupe founded in 1988 in Australians by John Tyrell and Rod Leissle. Bjorn Again has performed over 5000 shows in over 50 countries; they have even played at the Royal Albert Hall and at Russell Crowe’s Wedding! They have opened for such acts as: Shania Twain, Cher and the Spice Girls. And on Friday night they hit the Lebanon Opera House Stage!

Their set list  included: Waterloo, Gimmie Gimmie/Supertrooper, Honey Honey, SOS, Ring Ring, Fernando, I Have A Dream, Chiquitita, Money  Money, Mama Mia and of course the signature ABBA song-Dancing Queen. They even tossed in a Journey song “Don’t Stop Believin’” during which a wildly dressed fan rushed the stage and hugged “Bjorn.”

This show was fun trip down memory lane and even the ushers were dancing in the aisles!!
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