Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Weathersfield Weekly Blog, Nov. 15

November 15, 2017
Weathersfield, Vt.

Heads Up-Deadline for publication on this blog and in the Vermont Standard Column is Friday, Nov. 17, 8 a.m. for publication Wednesday, Nov. 22 issues (early for Thanksgiving.)

Weathersfield select board news: At their regular meeting on Nov. 6 the board unanimously approved a request for $500 from the Bottle Fund made by Anthony French, Troop Master for Trail Life USA and American Heritage Girls of West Windsor. The board went further by authorizing the Town Manager to make an agreement with Trail Life USA to work with the Town to transport and redeem the 5 cent redeemable bottles for 50% of the proceeds. The agreement came with conditions and may be revoked at anytime. More information about the select board and the town, contact Town Manager, Ed Morris, at 802-674-2626 or

Weathersfield School news: The school held a lock down drill on Thursday, Nov. 9 at 11:04 a.m.. The students were told earlier in the week by their teachers about the drill so they had the time to talk about it and review the plan. The school practices these drills to acclimate the students to various commands like “Clear the Hall; Secure the Building” and “All Clear.” The school reported that it took less than 30 seconds for the school to be perfectly still, for the kindergartners, who were out on the playground, to go into hiding outside, and for all indoor doors to be locked. More information about these drills and the school call 802-674-5400.

We traveled to Keene, NH to see Lyle Lovett and John Hiatt perform at The Colonial Theatre, it was a Kirschner Concerts Production. The theatre was full and everyone had a great time.

More photos: CLICK HERE

My Travel BLOG wrapped up with our adventure in Oxford.

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On Thursday I visited Woodstock Union Middle School and High School . Dance Theatre of Harlem was giving a workshop on the African Diaspora (dispersal). The event was sponsored by Pentangle Arts.

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Mark Richardson sent me this photo of the reception to receive the construction check from the State of Vermont for the Library's Children's Room Expansion Project.
Courtesy Photo

The foundation hole was dug and the concrete was poured on Monday (see below.)

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Our fire fighters responded to a chimney fire on Thursday afternoon.

Make sure your furnaces and wood stoves are clean and ready for the winter heating season.
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On Saturday I photographed Shawn Colvin and Her Band at the Lebanon Opera House. Colvin is on tour for the 20th Anniversary of her album "A Few Small Repairs." The show was a Kisrchner Concerts Production with proceeds going to The Rusty Berring Skate Park in Lebanon, NH.

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On a chilly Monday afternoon, the concrete for the Children's Room Expansion foundation was poured.

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Music and Performances

Inn at Weathersfield Live Music Fridays in Perkinsville 7-9 p.m. Nov. 17 Steve Ellis, Nov. 24 Ali T., Dec 1. Steve Ellis.

Lebanon Opera House in Lebanon NH. Nov. 17 Johnny Gandelsman Violin 7 p.m.; Nov. 18 East of Egypt 7:30 p.m.; Nov. 25 Warren Miller’s Line of Descent 4:30 and 7:30 p.m. GA; Dec. 3 Eric Mintel 4 p.m.; Dec 7, 9, 10 Clara's Dream; Dec. 27 Recycled Percussion 4 and 7:30 p.m..

Taverne on the Square in Claremont. Nov. 17 Mark and Deb Band 8 p.m.; Nov. 24 Ben Fuller 8-11 p.m.; Dec. 1 Conniption Fits 8 p.m. Dec. 8 Brad Myrick Band 7 p.m..

Windsor Station Live Music in Windsor. Nov. 16 Still Hill 7:30 p.m.; Nov. 17 Party Crashers 9:30 p.m.; Nov. 18 The Time Brick Band 9:30 p.m.; Nov. 21 George Nostrand 6 p.m.; Nov. 24 River Frog 9:30 p.m.; Nov. 25 Binger 9:30 p.m.; Nov. 28 TBA; Nov. 30 Ted Mortimer and Katie Runde 7:30 p.m.; Dec. 2 Rusted Chrome 9:30 p.m.; Dec. 9 Gully Boys 9:30 p.m. Dec. 15 Justin Panigutti Band 9:30 p.m.; Dec. 19 Soul Fix Duo 6 p.m..

Ongoing Events

Weathersfield Food Shelf in Perkinsville every Thursday from 2-3 p.m. Route 106 at the old Perkinsville Elementary School.

Low cost spay/neuter clinics in Springfield. Springfield Humane Society is hosting low cost spay/neuter clinics: Dec. 5 at the Springfield Humane Society, on Route 143. Cost is $50 for female cat and $40 for male cat. Weathersfield residents may be reimbursed up to $50 for the surgery with a limit of three pets per year. Get your SNAP form from the town office. Please call Springfield Humane Society for an appointment at 802-885-3997.

Valley Court Diversion Programs: Volunteers are needed in Weathersfield/Springfield areas to work with low level offenders in the community. The group meets once a month at the Springfield Police Department, your commitment will require about three hours a month. Training is provided. For more information please visit our website at or call Maureen at 281-5213.

Senior Exercise Program in Ascutney: Free. Sponsored by RSPV. Mondays and Wednesdays 10-11 a.m. in basement of Martin Memorial Hall, Route 5, Ascutney. Classes are led by Sandy Lemois. If interested call 674-5254 for more information.

Need to Find a Business in Weathersfield:

Have anything you want included in this news and events column? Email Nancy at two weeks prior to your event.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Grand Tour of Great Britain-Oxford UK

Today we explore the city of the British Inspectors: Morse, Lewis and Endeavour. After a very filling breakfast, we board a small coach and head out of London for Oxford. There are only five of us today: Jay and me, Gwen and Robin and our fearless leader Nick.

We meet our guide for the morning, Diana, at the Martyr's Memorial to begin our tour.

In 1553 when the Roman Catholic Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) came to the throne, Thomas Cranmer (Archbishop of Canterbury), Nicholas Ridley (Archbishop of London), and Hugh Latimer (Bishop of Worcester) were summoned to appear before a commission in the Church of St Mary the Virgin in Oxford to be examined for their alleged Protestant heresies.

Unable to admit to a belief in transubstantiation, they were all found guilty. Ridley and Latimer were burnt at the stake on 16 October 1555 in the ditch outside the city wall (which ran alongside St Michael at the Northgate Church).  See the photo below for the location.

Archbishop Cranmer, who had been given longer to appeal, was forced to watch, and wrote a recantation. None the less he was taken from the Bocardo gaol at the Northgate to the ditch on 21 March 1556 and also burnt to death. The memorial was erected 300 years after the events it commemorates.

Fast forward to the present.
Oxford is home to a world famous university, and most of the colleges and university buildings are located in the center of Oxford. There are 38 colleges (what we call Universities) here. There are more than 22,000 students at Oxford, including 11,832 undergraduates and 9,857 postgraduates.

Oxford and it's wonderful buildings are used for MANY film sets. Check out Films in Oxford for a listing including Harry Potter, Downton Abbey, and the Colin Dexter Detectives.

Our first stop is Balliol College.

The dining hall looks a little like Hogwarts Dining Hall (that was filmed down the road at Christ Church)
Some very famous people attended Balliol College: Christopher Hitchens, Harold Nicholson, Graham Greene, George Stephanopoulos, Richard Dawkins and Aldous Huxley.

The University counts 26 British Prime Ministers, 50 Nobel Prize leaders, and dozens of international heads of state among its alumni. Oh, and 120 Olympic medallists have studied there. Check out the LIST.

We walk past the Sheldonain Theatre, a venue for official university functions as well as a variety of concerts, on our way to the Weston Library.

We stop at the White Horse for a quick Inspector Morse check-in. We just poke our heads into the the Weston but I think Jay and I will return here during our free time.

We make our way down the street to our next stop, another Harry Potter shooting location...

The Bodleian Library Divinity Hall, the vaulted ceiling is spectacular.

This really is the city of Dreaming Spires.

Remember this photo! Diana told us that Endeavour was filming here last week and she saw the JAG and Shaun Evans parked here.

We walk through the shopping arcade and I spot some crazy guitars. I've seen quite a few of these large and live.

We break for lunch and Jay and I head back to the Weston Library.

I need to see the Bodleian Treasures
 William Shakespeare's First Folio.

They are also exhibiting books and letters penned by Jane Austen in their "Which Jane Austen?" exhibit.

We meet up with Gwen, Rob and Nick and grab lunch at the White Horse.

As a huge fan of Inspector Morse, Inspector Lewis and Endeavour this is the place to eat lunch.

If we had more time I think I would have liked to do a Morse Tour... There are many helpful guides online.

Before heading back to London we hit The Eagle and Child (inspired I guess by the ceiling in Divinity Hall?)

A pint of Nicholson's Porter is in order to fortify us for our trip back to London-town.

The Eagle and Child lays claim to a number of interesting literary connections. J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and fellow writers met here and dubbed themselves 'The Inklings'. They nicknamed the pub 'The Bird and Baby'. They met regularly in a booth in the back.

More photos of Oxford: CLICK HERE

Back in London, we freshen up for one final dinner with our group. Nick told us that folks wanted to get together for one last meal before we all scatter home. It was suggested that we try The Central Bar (where Jay and I ate a few nights ago-good food, GREAT beer on tap) but we know this is a bad idea. This place is small (getting a table for 13 will be difficult, if not impossible. And they have no table service, you order and pay at the bar and they'll bring your food to you.

So we arrive and folks look uncomfortable. Jay, Graham and Mark head to the bar and buy beers and wine. The others decide they want to leave. They head over to a burger place, Byron, at Westfield London. We six finish our cocktails and make our way to Byron.

We had a yummy dinner and said our goodbyes to everyone.

Back in our room we finish packing up and set our alarm for 4:30 a.m. Our taxis is whisking us to Heathrow at 5 :30 a.m.

On the plane, Monday October 23, I binge watch Victoria to learn about her and Albert. Next thing I know we're landing in Newark. We race home to pick up Riley and start washing the mountain of dirty clothes we've collected.

We had a wonderful trip and met some really AWESOME people in every city we stopped at. I'm closing my trip journal and placing it on the shelf with journals from our other adventures.

Grand Tour of Great Britain with Go Ahead Tours

I think it's time to start planning our next GREAT adventure.