Gas Leak at Jiffy Mart, Fire Fighters Respond

Perkinsville, VT
January 17, 2017

Fire fighters from West Weathersfield Fire Department and the Ascutney Volunteer Fire Department Chief responded to a gas leak on Tuesday afternoon.

The call went out at 1:40 p.m. that a gas leak occurred at the Jiffy Mart located at the intersection of routes 131 and 106 at Downer's Four Corners.

According to West Weathersfield Fire Lieutenant Mike Barrup 3-5 gallons of oil were spilled in the store's parking lot. The spill remained unreported and cars drove through the oil tracking oil in a widespread area of the parking lot and onto route 106.

Hazmat pads and drying agent were applied by the fire fighters to contain the spill. A store employee, who refused to give their name said they will be reviewing store surveillance video to determine who caused the spill.

Weathersfield Police Chief William Daniels arrived on scene and will continue investigating the cause spill.

The hazardous materials from the clean up were placed in a 55 gallon drum and will be disposed of by Jiffy Mart.

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