Woodstock Car Hits A Buck In Reading #ReadingVT #VT

Stephanie Linton, 24 of Woodstock, was driving her 3 year old son, Jax to child care around 8:30 a.m. Monday morning when their 2011 Hyndai Santa Fe hit a buck on Rte 106. A doe ran across the road followed by a buck. "The deer came out of nowhere, I hit the brakes but I had no place to go" said Stephanie by phone after the accident. Both she and her son are fine, the car is a wreck. The airbags did not deploy. Immediately after the accident, Jax's Dad, Josh, was on the scene and he said his son was fine and said to him "Daddy can we go find the deer?"
The deer was badly injured and climbed up into the woods where it later died. Vermont State Game Warden, David Taddei arrived from Townshend and tagged the deer so the Linton family could legally keep it. "We still have deer meat in the freezer from last winter" Stephanie said, this buck will add to it.

The vehicle was towed to Woodstock Sunoco waiting on insurance assessment. Ms. Linton is the daughter-in-law of Woodstock's Second Constable Kelly Linton.

Vehicle Hits Deer in Reading
Reading, VT November 10, 2014
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