Sunrise, Moon Set, Super Moon, Perseid Meteors, What a Celestial Week!

August 10-12, 2014
Weathersfield Vermont

What a spectacular morning. Moon set and Sunrise on both ends of the field!

Sunday night, Jay and I hiked up into a neighbors hay field and patiently waited for the moon to rise. I hope you all had a chance to catch this Super Moon. The full moon on August 10 just happened to be full when the moon reached its closest point to Earth in its orbit. This supermoon was only 356,896 kilometers or 221,765 miles away from us. If you missed it there will be another super moon on September 9 at 1:38 UTC.

The following morning Riley, the wonder dog , and I hiked back to this field. We were treated to the most amazing sunrise.

This week if the skies are clear-The Perseid Meteor Showers will be visible but difficult to see with the full moon.

Weathersfield VT  August 11-12, 2014
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