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Happy Birthday Journey Guitarist, Neal Schon

Born on this day in 1954, Neal Schon, guitar 
Journey, (1982 US No.2 single ‘Open Arms’)
Santana, (1977 UK No.11 single ‘She’s Not There’).

More Photos by Nanci images of Neal:

The son of a jazz saxophonist, Schon first picked up the guitar at the age of 5. A quick learner, he joined Santana as a teenage prodigy at the age of 15. He went to Aragon High School in San Mateo, but dropped out (with his parents’ blessing) before graduating. Schon had famously been asked by Eric Clapton to join Derek and the Dominos, but since Santana called him first, he decided to join Santana for the album Santana III. Schon also played in Azteca before moving on in 1973 to form Journey, a group he continues to lead today.

Schon’s guitar style has been described as soulful, taking inspiration from 1960s-era soul singers such as Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight, and blending it with blues runs similar to B. B. King.

In addition to his five solo albums and 14 studio albums with Journey, his work also includes: a pair of albums with keyboardist Jan Hammer, short-term collaborations with Sammy Hagar (HSAS and Planet Us) and Paul Rodgers, stints with Bad English (a supergroup that featured Journey’s Jonathan Cain and Deen Castronovo and Jonathan Cain’s former Babys bandmates John Waite and Ricky Phillips) and Hardline (which also featured Deen Castronovo). Even as Journey’s latest lineup plays to a still-faithful body of fans, Schon has immersed himself in side projects such as Piranha Blues (1999) and “Black Soup Cracker” a funk outfit that features former Prince associates Rosie Gaines and Michael Bland, and more recently Soul SirkUS with Jeff Scott Soto.

Schon can also be heard on other albums including three tracks on Michael Bolton’s The Hunger, with the Schon sound most recognizable on “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay”. Also the most prolific album by Santana was Caravanserai. It was very critically acclaimed but the funny part was Neil actually did all the great guitar parts on it and Carlos got the credit.

Schon’s first guitar was an acoustic Stella, followed two years later by a Gibson ES-335 which was subsequently stolen and replaced with a ’56 Les Paul Goldtop reissue that he used for many years. A white Schon guitar can be clearly seen in the music video for the Journey song “Girl Can’t Help It”, as well as a gold version in the Journey videos for “I’ll Be Alright Without You” and “Be Good to Yourself”.

Schon has been married four times and has five children: Miles, Elizabeth, Sarah, Aja and Sophia. Neal Schon’s father, the late Matthew Schon, was a jazz musician and composer who provided the arrangements on the Journey song “Mother, Father”.

* Untold Passion – as Schon & Hammer (1981)
* Here to Stay – as Schon & Hammer (1982)
* Late Nite (1989)
* Beyond the Thunder (1995)
* Abraxas Pool (1997)
* Electric World (1997)
* Piranha Blues (1998)
* Neal Schon & Jan Hammer Collection: No More Lies (1998)
* “O Come, O Come Emmanuel”, featured on Merry Axemas, Vol. 2: More Guitars for Christmas (1998)
* Voice (2001)
* Dice With The Universe—Band: Trichromes (2002) with Bill Kreutzman of Grateful Dead fame
* I on U (2005)
* World Play – Soul SirkUS (2005)

Journey Discography
YearTitleBillboard peakLabel
1976Look into the Future100
1986Raised on Radio4
1996Trial by Fire3
2008Revelation5Nomota LLC
I'll admit it...I Like Journey! There I said it. Not sure I like the recent incarnations of Journey but I sure am a fan of the time when Steve Perry was their frontman!!!

Music Fills the Air...Gary Clark Jr., Josh Ritter, Keb' Mo, Robert Cray Band and More!

Higher Ground Burlington VT
Sorry Folks this show is SOLD OUT!

Tom Rush
Saturday March 1, postponed until September 12 8:00 pm
Woodstock VT
Presented by The Vermont Standard
Photos by Nanci images of Tom Rush, click HERE

Tuesday March 42014 7:30 pm Get Tickets HERE
Lebanon Opera House Lebanon NH
Presented by Lebanon Opera House
Photos by Nanci images of Josh Ritter, click HERE

Keb' Mo'
Wednesday March 192014 7:30 pm Get Tickets HERE
Lebanon Opera House Lebanon NH
Presented by Kirschner Concerts & Drusky Ent.
Photos by Nanci images of Keb'Mo', click HERE

The Robert Cray Band in The Blues Summit
Thursday March 20, 2014 7:30 pm
Concord, NH
Photos by Nanci images of Robert Cray, click HERE

Friday April 4, 2014  8:00 pm
White River Junction, VT
Photos by Nanci images of Shawn Mullins, click HERE

We have two front row center seats for 
Shawn's show: A1, A2  
face value (plus associated charges) 
email if interested.

David Bromberg Quartet
Friday April 11, 2014 8:00 pm
White River Junction, VT
Photos by Nanci images of David Bromberg, click HERE

The Johnny Clegg Band
Saturday April 12, 2014 7:30 pm Get Tickets HERE
Lebanon Opera House Lebanon NH

Presented by Kirschner Concerts & Drusky Ent.
Photos by Nanci images of Johnny Clegg, click HERE

Saturday April 19, 2014 7:30 pm Get Tickets HERE
Lebanon Opera House Lebanon NH
Presented by Lebanon Opera House

Gotta love Spring in the Upper Valley, especially for all this GREAT MUSIC!

More local music listings:

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weathersfield VT Candidate Forum on SAPA-TV 10

February 25, 2014
Martin Memorial Hall
Ascutney VT

Last night the candidates for Weathersfield Select Board were available to answer prepared questions and questions from the audience. Michael Stankevich, Chair of the Board of Civil Authority, asked the prepared questions of all candidates. A couple of questions were asked by audience members.

The event was held at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney Vermont. About 35 people attended. If you were unable to attend Photos by Nanci videotaped the event for SAPA-TV

The video is schedule to air on Channel 10
Wednesday, February 26
10:15 PM Weathersfield Candidate Forum 2014

Thursday, February 27
8:15 PM Weathersfield Candidate Forum 2014

Friday, February 28
9:00 AM Weathersfield Candidate Forum 2014

Saturday, March 1
7:00 PM Weathersfield Candidate Forum 2014

Those running for office are:
Three Year Seat: Daniel Boyer, Michael Todd,
Two Year Seat: John Arrison, Lynn Esty and Charles Horton. 

Absentee Ballots are available at the Town Clerk's office now so you can vote early if you want. Some weather models are saying the weather may be bad next Tuesday.

The Town Meeting will be held Monday Night at the Weathersfield Elementary School 7 PM. All VOICE VOTE articles will be decided upon at that time. The Australian Balloting will take place Tuesday at Martin Memorial Hall in Ascutney from 10 am-7 pm.

It's Your Town, It's Your Vote!

Monday, February 24, 2014

This Day In Rock History 1998-Sir John Elton or Sir Elton John

1998 – Despite a slight mix up in introduction, Elton John is honored to receive knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II. Even though he is announced as “Sir John Elton,” the singer maintains “They don’t come any bigger than this.”

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Actinic Keratosis-The Most Common Pre-Cancer

My face Day 10 (of 21) of topical 5FU treatment
I thought I had dry skin. This winter has been particularly cold so our wood stove has been running really hot 24/7. I had a scaly patch of skin above my upper lip in November/December so I made a Dermatology appointment at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center. At my appointment a few weeks ago, my doctor made the diagnosis of actinic keratoses. She recommended a 21 day topical treatment to stop the cell growth and prevent further damage.

Yes-I have gone outside without sunscreen.
Yes-I've sat out in the sun ALL DAY, A LOT in the summer.
Yes-I work in the garden in summer in my bathing suit, without a hat.
Yes-I go south once, sometimes twice a year during the winter to dive in the Caribbean.
Yes-I have used tanning beds A LOT.

I have been just plain DUMB when it comes to UV exposure.

What is Actinic Keratosis:
Scaly or crusty growths (lesions) caused by damage from the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays, actinic keratosis (AK) is also known as solar keratoses. They typically appear on sun-exposed areas such as the face, bald scalp, lips, and the back of the hands, and are often elevated, rough in texture, and resemble warts. Most become red, but some will be tan, pink, red, and/or flesh-toned. Untreated AKs can advance to squamous cell carcinoma (SCC), the second most common form of skin cancer, and some experts believe they are actually the earliest stage of SCC.

Who had been diagnosed-more than 58 Million
This figure is generally accepted as the best current estimate of the number of Americans with actinic keratosis (AK). People with a fair complexion, blond or red hair, and blue, green or grey eyes have a high likelihood of developing one or more of these common precancers if they spend time in the sun and live long enough. Location makes a difference: The closer to the equator you live, the more likely you are to have actinic keratoses. The incidence is slightly higher in men, because they tend to spend more time in the sun and use less sun protection than women do. African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians and others with darker skin are not as susceptible as Caucasians.

My Treatment:
5-fluorouracil (5-FU) ointment or liquid in concentrations from 0.5 to 5 percent has FDA approval and is the most widely used topical treatment for actinic keratoses. It is effective against not only the surface lesions but also the subclinical ones. Rubbed gently onto the lesions once or twice a day for two to four weeks, it produces cure rates of up to 93 percent. Reddening, swelling and crusting may occur, but they are temporary. The lesions usually heal within two weeks of stopping treatment. There is rarely scarring and the cosmetic result is good.

How 5-FU works: 
The chemotherapy agent 5-FU, which has been used against cancer for about 40 years, acts in several ways, but principally as a thymidylate synthase (TS) inhibitor. Interrupting the action of this enzyme blocks synthesis of the pyrimidine thymidine, which is a nucleoside required for DNA replication. Thymidylate synthase methylates deoxyuridine monophosphate (dUMP) into thymidine monophosphate (dTMP). Administration of 5-FU causes a scarcity in dTMP, so rapidly dividing cancerous cells undergo cell death via thymineless death. Calcium folinate provides an exogenous source of reduced folinates and hence stabilize the 5-FU-TS complex hence enhancing 5-FU's cytotoxicity. 5-FU was designed, synthesized and patented by Charles Heidelberger in 1957.

Since uracil is a normal component of RNA, the rationale behind the development of the drug was that cancer cells, with their increased genetic instability, might be more sensitive to 'decoy' molecules that mimic the natural compound than normal cells. The scientific goal in this case was to synthesize a drug which demonstrated specific uracil antagonism. The drug proved to have anti-tumor capabilities.

When elemental fluorine is reacted with uracil, 5-fluorouracil is produced. 5-Fluorouracil masquerades as uracil during the nucleic acid replication process. Because 5-fluorouracil is similar in shape to but does not perform the same chemistry as uracil, the drug inhibits RNA replication enzymes, thereby eliminating RNA synthesis and stopping the growth of cancerous cells. As a scientist and former laboratory technician who used to work with RNA/DNA, this information fascinates me.

The best way to prevent actinic keratosis is to protect yourself from the sun. Here are some sun-safety habits that really work.
  • Seek the shade, especially between 10 AM and 4 PM.
  • Do not burn.
  • Use a broad spectrum (UVA/UVB) sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher every day. For extended outdoor activity, use a water-resistant, broad spectrum (UVA/UVB sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher.
  • Apply 1 ounce (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside. Reapply every two hours or immediately after swimming or excessive sweating.
  • Cover up with clothing, including a broad-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.
  • Keep newborns out of the sun. Sunscreens should be used on babies over the age of six months.
  • Examine your skin head-to-toe every month.
  • See your doctor every year for a professional skin exam.
  • Avoid tanning and UV tanning booths.
What Causes Actinic Keratosis
Chronic sun exposure is the cause of almost all actinic keratoses. Sun damage to the skin is cumulative, so even a brief period in the sun adds to the lifetime total. Cloudy days aren’t safe either, because 70-80 percent of solar ultraviolet (UV) rays can pass through clouds. These harmful rays can also bounce off sand, snow and other reflective surfaces, giving you extra exposure.

The ultraviolet radiation given off by the lamps in a tanning salon can be even more dangerous than the sun, so dermatologists warn against indoor tanning.

Occasionally, actinic keratoses may be caused by extensive exposure to X-rays or a number of industrial chemicals.

Because the total amount of time spent in the sun adds up year by year, older people are most likely to develop actinic keratoses. However, nowadays, some individuals in their 20s are affected. Still, actinic keratoses become much more common in people over the age of 50. Some experts believe almost everyone over 80 has actinic keratoses.

Also, individuals whose immune defenses are weakened by cancer chemotherapy, AIDS, organ transplantation or excessive UV exposure are less able to fight off the effects of the radiation and thus more likely to develop actinic keratoses.

While actinic keratosis is the most common precancer, not all keratoses turn into cancers. Unfortunately, there is no way to know ahead of time which actinic keratoses are precursors of squamous cell carcinoma. That is why it is fortunate that there are so many effective treatments for eliminating actinic keratoses.

When an actinic keratisis is suspected to be an early cancer, the physician may take tissue for biopsy. This is done by shaving off the top of the lesion with a scalpel or scraping it off with a curette. Local anesthesia is required. Bleeding is usually stopped with a styptic agent.

In the beginning, actinic keratoses are frequently so small that they are recognized by touch rather than sight. It feels as if you were running a finger over sandpaper. There are many times the number of invisible (subclinical) lesions as visible ones on the skin surface.

Most often, actinic keratoses develop slowly and reach a size from an eighth to a quarter of an inch. Early on, they may disappear only to reappear later. Most become red, but some will be light or dark tan, pink, red, a combination of these, or the same color as your skin. Occasionally they itch or produce a pricking or tender sensation. They can also become inflamed and surrounded by redness. In rare instances, actinic keratoses can even bleed.

If you have actinic keratoses, it indicates that you have sustained sun damage and could develop any kind of skin cancer – not just squamous cell carcinoma.

For more info Google Actinic Keratosis or visit WebMD:

I plan to change my attitude towards UV rays and I hope after reading this and seeing the pictures of my face you will too!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Today in Rock History 24 Years Ago-Bonnie Raitt Dominates at the Grammy Awards!

Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahl
BonTaj Tour 2009
February 21, 1990
24 years ago!
Bonnie Raitt dominates the Grammy ceremonies in Los Angeles, winning four awards: Album of the Year (for Nick of Time); Best Pop Vocal Performance, Female; Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female, and Best Traditional Blues Recording (for a duet with John Hooker on "I'm in the Mood").

Seen above with Taj Mahal during their BonTaj Tour 2009 at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston MA.

The woman can still rock!!
Februrary 13, 2014 Slipstream won the GRAMMY for Best Americana Album at the 55th GRAMMY Awards

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Jay Geils!

Born February 20th, 1946 in New York City NY!
John W. Geils, Jr.
More images of Mr. Geils:
Boston Legends 2011
The Mighty J. Geils Band

Geils is primarily known as a blues-rock and jazz guitarist. He was the lead guitarist and founder of the rock band The J. Geils Band. Geils has also recorded with several jazz musicians.

After the band dissolved, Geils founded KTR Motosports in Carlisle, Massachusetts, to service vintage sports cars. He sold the company in 1996 but still remains active with the company.

Since 1982, Geils has resided in Groton, Massachusetts. The town honored him by proclaiming J. Geils Day on December 1, 2009.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cedar Hill Breaks Ground On $10.6 Million Expansion in Windsor VT

Windsor Vermont
February 18, 2014

Mother and Daughter co-owners, Mary Louise Sayles (l) and Patricia Horn (r) toss the ceremonial golden shovel of dirt symbolizing the beginning of the $10.6 million expansion project at Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community in Windsor Vermont.

The existing Village at Cedar Hill houses 21 one- and two-bedroom apartments and common areas in 17,854 square feet. The expansion will add two levels and increase the square footage to 59,720.

One floor will feature 20 one- and two-bedroom apartments and studio apartments for independent and assisted living. Common living spaces will include a living room and dining room, pub, multipurpose activity room, fitness center, salon, library and computer center. 

Mary Louise Sayles (blue fleece) with Bill Nicholson, the President of The Congress Companies (the project construction company) and the architect Steve MacKenzie
The lower level will feature a comfortable, secure living area dedicated to care for individuals with memory loss and staffed around the clock by professionals specially trained in memory loss care. Twelve private apartments and eight semi-private apartments will surround a large common area with country kitchen, dining room, living room, activity room, salon, greenhouse and art center, and a secure outdoor garden area. Throughout the facility, there will be plenty of room for residents to take walks.

Designed by Mackenzie Architects of Burlington, the expansion will add 41,866 square feet to the existing Village, tripling the size of the assisted- living facility in terms of both physical space and resident capacity. The project has been in the planning phases for four years, and the completed facility is expected to open in January 2015. Construction managers anticipate the expansion will bring about 40 construction jobs to Windsor. “We’re hiring mostly local subcontractors,” said Senior Project Manager Mark Joudrey of Congress Construction, based in Peabody, Mass. “We’re anticipating a project duration of 11 months.”

Patricia Horn (purple jacket) co-Owner of Cedar Hill Continuing Care Community 
and Bill Nicholson, the President of The Congress Companies (the project construction company.)

Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

Just announced-Melissa Etheridge at the Calvin Theater in Northampton MA

Alright you Melissa Fans...she's coming to our area in April!!

The Calvin Theater in Northampton MA has announced a Melissa Etheridge solo show for April 23, 2014 at 8 pm. Tickets go on sale February 21st. She is also playing at the Ridgefield Playhouse in Ridgefield CT on April 24th.

From her website:
"I enjoy doing the solo shows not only get to ready for a new album, I also love to dive into my catalog of songs and bring a new freshness to my older material. It is such an intimate experience with the audience, and it is truly one of my favorite ways to perform.”

The Academy Award winning, Multiple Grammy Winning, Melissa Etheridge needs little introduction.Her raspy vocal style and riveting stage presence has been captivating audiences for more than three decades. Throughout her illustrious career (which includes 12 studio albums), Etheridge has topped the Billboard charts, won an Academy Award, written multiple Platinum certified records, survived Cancer, become a leading voice for the LGBT community and done so with incredible poise and grace.Etheridge has also received numerous other awards including a Juno Award, ASCAP’s Songwriter of the Year Award, ASCAP’s Founders Award, a GLAAD Media Award and 13 additional Grammy nominations. Don’t miss this solo acoustic performance from a true music icon.

I've seen her a few times over the years solo and with bands. While her interaction with her band members can be very entertaining, her solo shows give the audience more time for personal stories and banter.

Get psyched--Photos By Nanci Images of Melissa

She recently played at Tanglewood in Lenox MA (see videos) and while the audience was small, they were very enthusiastic. Especially the M.E.I.N. fan club members who were trying to push their way to the front of the stage. Always entertaining to see the fans and ushers "negotiate."

Again, tickets on sale Friday for the Calvin, three tiers of pricing $75 $65 $55 and for  Ridgefield $125.

Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Announce Grand Point North 2014

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals have announced the dates for Grand Point North 2014. This year the festival will be September 13 and 14 at the Burlington Waterfront. Early Bird  2 Day Passes and VIP tickets are on sale now!

Get psyched for the events by viewing my galleries of past GPN Festivals:
Grand Point North 2011
Grand Point North 2012
Grand Point North 2013
And check out some of my GPN Videos!
GPN 2012
GPN Videos

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Cattle Club Hartland Vermont 4-H Hosts Winter Farm Olympics

Cedar Mountain Farm
Hartland Vermont
February 15, 2014

Ever do a chore so tedious you start pretending and saying to yourself, "This should be an Olympic Event!." Well, that is just what Jada Haas did. Jada is a freelance farmhand in Hartland Vermont and many times thought that things she did around the farm should qualify as an Olympic Event.

Fast forward the present, a Winter Olympic Year and to Hartland finally getting a 4-H group, The Hartland Cattle Club and you get the Winter Farm Olympics held this past weekend at Cedar Mountain Farm.

The events included:
Cow Pie Slapshot
Round Hay Bale Races
Cabbage Bowling
Wheelbarrow in the Snow Races
Hay Bale Races
Pin the Tail on the Cow

In addition to all the outdoor fun, a chili luncheon was held as a fundraiser for the 4-H club with suggested donations of $10 for the all-you-can-eat meal.

All in all a great way to spend a Winter Saturday!

Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

Colored Igloo in Windsor VT

Windsor Vermont
February 15, 2014

Inspired by this viral story,, two business owners from Windsor, Chris Cammock of Snapdragon Inn and Cassie Nyberg George of Bob's Barber shop decided to give the backyard igloo building a try.

By putting the word out around town and on the internet the ladies asked folks in town to save their 1/2 Gal milk/juice/other jugs, fill them with colored water and freeze them.

About 40 people showed up to help build but the lack of bricks prevented a full igloo to be built so they went with Plan B and constructed a "gem castle." The organizers hope to get more people involved next year so a full igloo can be built.
Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

Monday, February 17, 2014

Discovering the Giant Mantas at Weathersfield Proctor Library This Wednesday!

Discovering the Giant Mantas
A Special School Vacation Presentation
11 am Wednesday February 19, 2014 
Weathersfield Proctor Library
Rte 5, Ascutney Vermont

Join us for an undersea adventure with photographer Nancy Nutile-McMenemy as she and her husband travel 240 miles south of the Mexican Baha Peninsula to the remote Revillagigedo Islands (Soccorro Islands) in search of the Giant Mantas. They traveled with the Solmar V, a dive vessel based in Cabo San Lucas Mexico since 1992.
Some call these islands the "Little Galapagos" for their rich and diverse marine life. Nutile-McMenemy has been photographing the underwater world for almost 9 years and has only encountered one Giant Manta on one dive in the Galapagos many years ago. Travel with us on this journey of "Discovering the Giant Mantas" through her images and videos.

The talk is being hosted by the Weathersfield Proctor Library  Route 5 in Ascutney Vermont. 
Image of Nancy and a Manta by Dave Valencia

For more information please call 802-674-2863.
Pizza will be served.

The event is free and open to the public but donations towards the library's expansion project will be greatly appreciated.

To preview some of the Images that will be discussed please click here.

To preview some of the Videos that will be discussed please click here.

Hope to see you all there!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Pitchers and Catchers Report-Can Spring Be Far Off For New England?

Jon Lester

The Boston Red Sox, reining World Series Champions, are back at it. Pitchers and catchers reported to Fort Myers Jet Blue Park officially on Saturday. The buzz words in training camp seems to be "Turn the Page." Team members can be heard in interviews and on their twitter feeds spouting this phrase.

Manager John Farrell stated: "There's 29 other teams that are trying to do the same thing that we are, and that's to prepare for a championship season. We respect everyone that we play against. I don't think we're focused on the end result. The first day of Spring Training is shortly in front of us. Our focus is on getting back to a building-block approach that we used last year to prepare for Opening Day." (from Red Sox. com)

Aside from no Jacoby Ellsbury (Yankee) or Jarrod Saltalamacchia (Marlins), the Sox have pretty much their entire core back for the repeat attempt. (This was last done by the Yankees in 2000.)
As most New Englanders are doing right now, I'm just waiting on Opening Day! OK Sox, Let's Turn the Page and get it Done!!

More Red Sox images: and

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Valentine's Day Storm Wallops Southern Vermont

Weathersfield Vermont
February 15, 2014

A major winter storm passed up the Atlantic coast Thursday night into Friday leaving behind close to 20 inches of powder in southern Vermont. The clean up continued today as more light snow fell leaving a trace to one inch more snow.

Yet another storm is heading up the east coast but looks like it will be heading across Massachusetts and just clipping southern Vermont. Just two days after the last snowstorm, this storm will ramp up Saturday evening and continue into early Sunday morning, most likely causing major road and air traffic delays and cancellations. Some regions in eastern New England could see an upwards of 12 inches.

Wow, how long until spring...maybe next week? Forecasts say temps may be into the 40s with rain likely by Wednesday.

ArtisTree Daily Painters: Lynn Van Natta

West Windsor Vermont
February 11, 2014

I spent a sunny afternoon last week with local artist Lynn Van Natta at her home in West Windsor Vermont. I was photographing her for an upcoming feature article in The Vermont Standard on the ArtisTree Daily Painters Group

According to the ArtisTree website:
The Artistree Daily Painters (are) a group of local painters that have made a year-long commitment to making one painting each day for the entire year! Involvement as a daily painter provides a discipline in which artists can grow and develop already known skills, plus face new challenges and grow through the daily practice of painting. A private Flickr Artistree Daily Painter group page will be provided to photograph and post your daily paintings. At the end of the year the Artistree Gallery will honor the Daily Painters with a year-end show featuring paintings from the group.

Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

Reading Vt PTO Hosts 1st Annual Spaghetti Dinner

Reading Vermont
February 9, 2014

The Reading Elementary School PTO held their first annual Spaghetti Dinner and Gift Basket Raffle on Sunday night.
PTO President Shiri Macri said that the PTO was looking to host a second big fundraiser and the idea of a Spaghetti Dinner seemed to fit their plan. Two types of sauces were served and there was butter and cheese for the children. Garlic bread and salad rounded out the dinner menu.
The background music featured tunes by Dean Martin and other Italian singers. Over 100 people attended the event. A table full of homemade desserts waited for the diners to finish their meal.

One of the raffle baskets winners was Sue Muldar pictured here with Lydia Warren who sold Sue the winning Winter Fun Basket ticket.

Photos by Nanci covered the event for The Vermont Standard. More images may be viewed at:

Hartland Vt UU Church Hosts 6th Annual Chocolate Auction

Hartland Vermont
February 9, 2014

Last Sunday the First Universalist of Hartland Vermont hosted its 6th Annual Chocolate Auction. Close to 80 people from the church and community attended. The event was organized by Nancy and Glenn Walker and included a table of items reserved for children's bids only.
The Chocolate Raspberry Cake pictured above was donated by the Skunk Hollow Tavern (a popular restaurant next door to the church.) Gretchen Schmertz's cakes are always the hardest to bid on. 
This year three children pooled their resources and won the cake.
A great way to spend a Sunday morning before Valentine's Day.