Grand Tour of Italy Day 12 Sorrento to Capri

Day 12 Wednesday March 27, 2013
Sorrento to Capri

We arrived at the Grand Hotel Cesare Augusto from Pompeii about 5:30 on Tuesday afternoon. We had about an hour to freshen up and head downstairs for our group dinner. Our room is quite spacious and comfortable.  It even has a balcony but it's a little too chilly to hang out there.
For room images, click here.

Dinner was yummy, we had Insalata Caprese (with some very delicious olives!) fillet of sole with french fries and spinach. And for dessert we had some Italian cheesecake with nuts and was this GOOD!

So let me explain about the wine bottles. Once again, Jay, Jen and Morgan and I have "volunteered" to "recycle" the leftover wine from dinner. Tonight we are joined by Karen and Suzan. Our new best friend and waiter Ugo (pronounced U-gee-O) kept bringing us bottles of wine, well we had to drink them, no?
Luckily our lobby call wasn't too early! Wednesday is a free day to explore Sorrento. We purchased the optional Capri tour along with a bunch of other folks. This was another place that friends back home said not to miss.

We met up with Cynthia our guide for the day at the marina. She tells us about Capri. The island basically closes down for the winter and it is just reopening this week (so good timing for us!) It was made famous by Italian Actress Sophia Loren who has a villa there, Jacqueline Kennedy for Capri Sandals, and limoncello.

More images from Sorrento, click here.

To get to the island we'll be taking a 30 min ferry from Sorrento. The line for the boat was crazy and some tourists from Germany felt the need to cut the line...I just cannot imagine this place in July and August, it must be INSANE.
Cynthia tells us that there are about 12,000 people on Capri and that Capri means goat. It was first founded by the Greeks then the Romans moved in. The Emperor Tiberius used to vacation here and apparently was quite the Casanova except when one of his "girlfriends" displeased him there was a secret passage from the palace to the sea and the ladies were disposed of.
We arrive at Capri then board a small boat to tour around the island. We come up to a statue on the rocks. Cynthia says to wave to it and you WILL return to Capri!

Next we see the Coral Cave, the Donkey Ear Rocks and the White Cave. Click here to see the images. We also pass the villa used in the next James Bond Movie out in October.

We also get a glimpse of Frank Sinatra's house on the hill.
We pass through the arch and shout "Mama Mia!!"
Back on land we head up the hill via the Funicolare
Cynthia gets us to sing the song "Funiculi ' funicula " (music of Luigi Denza, text of Peppino Turco, 1880) while we wait for a car.
We walk around the town and passed a very expensive hotel that hosts many famous people including Hillary Clinton and Angelina Jolie. AJ rented out the entire hotel for her family after shooting "The Tourist."
The least expensive rooms at the Quisana go for 700 euros per night. But you get exclusive access to the adjacent park.
We tour the Giardini Augusto with its spectacular views, click here, then break for lunch.

Jay and I found this family run cafe, Gelataria Pasticceria Buonocone R. SNC and had two slices of pizza, espresso and cafe americano for 8.20 euros. We each had a gelato for dessert and I'd have to agree with the Tripadvisor reviews--it's THE BEST Gelato on Capri!
Back at Sorrento in the late afternoon, we walk around looking for somewhere to eat dinner. We end up at the Taverna dell'800. Ristorante images click here. Jay had a LARGE Peroni beer on draft , I had a carafe of house wine. For food Jay had the Swordfish and I ordered the Spaghetti Fruitti di Mare. Both were excellent. For dessert we had the Tiramisu. The meal was a bit expensive at 55 euros but delicious. And they had 1980s MTV videos running during dinner, kind of entertaining to play who sang this song.

We hit a mini-market on the way back to the room then crashed.
Luggage at 6:50 AM on the Bus at 7:45 AM to Rome!

Next up Rome!
Pubblicare domani!!! (Post tomorrow)

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