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November 15, 2015
Lebanon NH

Roman Gods and Goddesses took over the Lebanon Opera House this past weekend. New York Times best selling author, Jodi Picoult and her Trumbull Hall Troupe of talented Upper Valley teens performed the original musical "When In Rome" with all the money raised going to Upper Valley charities that help children: The Zienzele Foundation, Children's Hospital at Dartmouth (CHAD) and Upper Valley Haven.

Picoult and co-author Kyle van Leer took characters from Roman and Greek mythology and gave them personalities of today's celebrities. Venus was "Kardasian" like, Jupiter was a frat-boy playboy, and Pluto was transformed into a bad boy with a questionable past. The mortals were crafted to sound like feminists and hipsters. Psyche, the daughter of Emperor Julius Thousand Island enters carrying a sign demanding women in the House and Senate. Narcissus and Echo perform a song about taking a selfie "Won't You Take A Selfie." Narcissus was holding a mirror when struck by Cupids Arrow and so fell in love with himself.

Under Amye Mason's direction the teens truly shined in their roles. The original music by Ellen Wilber had me humming some of the tunes in the car on the ride home.

The show was peppered with local humor and lots of good clean fun. I've been to other Trumbull Hall productions but this one was by far the most challenging and best performed. 

Woodstock's own Holly Levison, of 3 Corner Designs was the costumer for the lavish production which included a giant clam shell, the River Styx, about twenty skeletons and a drone video of the Upper Valley.

I have photographed many of Ms. Levison's costumes (http://photosbynanci.smugmug.com/Website-Assets/Site-Pages/3-Corner-Designs ) but this performance was over the top!

More images from the play: https://photosbynanci.smugmug.com/Trumbull-Hall-Troupe/When-in-Rome/

When In Rome, An Original Musical
Trumbull Hall Troupe Production
Lebanon Opera House
Lebanon NH November 13, 14, 15, 2015
Copyright © Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
More Trumbull Hall Troupe: https://photosbynanci.smugmug.com/Trumbull-Hall-Troupe

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