The Fiddler Ends His Town Hall Tour in Hartland VT #HartlandVt #VT #rockfarmer22

Saturday,November 21, 2015
Damon Hall, Hartland VT

The Fiddler, Patrick Ross, ended his Vermont Town Hall Tour in Damon Hall, Hartland on Saturday night. Ross a fifth generation fiddler who grew up in Canaan Vermont (on the border of Quebec and New Hampshire) began his tour in October in Danville and has been making his way around Vermont performing in town halls in Hardwick, Chelsea, West Rutland, Maidstone, Sheffield, and Shelburne winding up in Hartland.
Over 70 people were in the audience to witness this unique one man show that included performances from Ross's area fiddle students, a demonstrations of various instruments and a very special performance from his 17 month old daughter Ophelia. More information about Ross and his music can be found at

More images from the performance:

Patrick Ross, The Fiddler
Vermont Town Hall Tour 2015
Damon Hall
Hartland, VT November 21, 2015
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