Vince Gill and Lyle Lovett at the Capitol Center #ConcordNH #NH #LyleLovett #VGCom #CapitolCenter

May 28, 2015
Capitol Center 
Concord NH
We've seen Lyle Lovett with His Large Band; with his Acoustic Trio; with John Hiatt; with Bonnie Raitt, and with John Hiatt, Guy Clark and Joe Ely. So we've seen him about 30 times but never before with Vince Gill.

After seeing these two-onstage-trading-songs scenario many times with Lovett and Hiatt we weren't sure what to expect with Gill in the seat beside Lyle. It wasn't the same but it was pretty darn good regardless. The songs we heard Lyle play were very different from the ones we get when John Hiatt is with him, for us this was just great! 

I don't think I could name one song from Vince Gill's catalog but I've always heard he had a silky smooth voice. And guess what he does. I was also pleasantly surprised by his storytelling. He's a really cool guy.

The performance lasted a little over two hours and the view from the front row side was AWESOME!

I'm still totally sold on the Lyle Lovett/John Hiatt combo and will continue to see them anytime they play in New England or upstate NY but now I'm pretty sure I'll be watching for Lyle Lovett/Vince Gill shows too.

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Vince Gill and Lyle Lovett
Capitol Center  for The Arts
Concord NH May 28, 2015
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