Jose Rivera's Marisol Performed by Yoh Theatre Players #WoodstockVT #VT

Yoh Theatre Players chose Jose Rivera's critically acclaimed play "Marisol" for their final performance of the year. Rivera, a Puerto Rican playwright crafted this Alice in Wonderland-like adventure in 1992 and set it in a decaying New York City, where God has become demented and lost control of his creation and the angels have decided to wage war on God and remove him from power.

Marisol (Kaelee Geno) is a Puerto Rican Alice in Wonderland or maybe Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, living in the Bronx and working in Manhattan at a publishing company with her friend June (Nicke Morris). The world around her has fallen apart; it's a place where apples and coffee are extinct and you can be jailed and tortured for not paying your credit card bills.

She encounters a crazy person in the subway (Dune Mayberger) wielding a golf club. Somehow she makes it safely back to her apartment where in a dream-like state she meets here Guardian Angel (Lilian Buchangroff) who tells her she can no longer protect Marisol because a heavenly war is coming and she must join the other angels and fight.

The subject matter is difficult to watch and street language is used to get the grittiness across to the audience, who are seated on stage during the performance. This audience proximity to the actors conveys a strong in-your-face experience that one will not soon forget.
Lili Buchangroff and Nicke Morris are both seniors so this was their swan song performance. Both excelled as the Angel and June. Kaelee Geno, a junior, gave a strong performance as Marisol-lost and trying to survive as the world around her collapses. Paitra Martin, also a junior, "a woman in furs" wielding a machine gun shows a shell-shocked person also trying to deal with the world turned upside down. Dune Mayberger (a sophomore) gave the audience something to think about with each of the characters he portrayed from the golf club man in the subway to the wheel-chair bound man with scar tissue. His performance was outstanding.

Harriet Worrell has a way to get the best out of her students no matter how difficult the play's subject or theme. Alden Krawczyk and Zac Cannon kept everyone in line as Stage Manager and Production Manager. New student Xavion Fletcher ran the sound and Alden Shoemaker and Ted Krawczyk operated the lights. Holly Levison and Diane Martin did a wonderful job with the costumes, especially the angel wings-before and after the war. Stunning. There were three public performances last weekend and one special performance for invited AP student on Friday during school hours.

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Marisol by Jose Rivera
Performed By Yoh Theatre Players
Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock, VT May 8, 2015
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