Monday, December 30, 2013

A Few New Year's Eves From The Past...From Grace Potter to Bentley's Woodstock

We used to spend our New Year's Eve with Grace Potter and the Nocturnals at Higher Ground in Burlington VT. The band would perform a regular set then perform a set in character from a movie of their choosing.

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Now I shoot New Year's Eve for The Vermont Standard covering the Bentley's New Year's Eve Party in Woodstock Vermont.
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I will be shooting at Bentley's  again this year, maybe I'll see you there.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

The Case of the Missing Mona

Thursday night, December 19, 2013, for one performance only, The Zack's Place Theatre Guild performed "The Case of the Missing Mona." The play was written, directed and acted by all the folks at Zack's Place, with a few cameos from community members.
The plays centers around a Zack's Place fundraising gala held at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Massachusetts, where on loan from the  Louvre in Paris, the Mona Lisa is on display. After the gala, it is discovered that the Mona is missing.

The cast weaves their way through Boston looking for clues and slowly make their way back to the museum, where miraculously the painting has reappeared. But How? and Why? With the help of some famous Inspectors: Inspector Zackzoe, Detective Sarah and The Pink Panther the mystery is solved. "The Case of the Missing Mona" was the 7th musical presented by Zack's Place and one of their most creative.
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Zack's Place Theatre Guild Presents:
The Case of the Missing Mona
Yoh Theatre, Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock VT December 19 , 2013
Copyright ©2013 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
For The Vermont Standard:
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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Our Christmas Eve Groaning Board

What's a Groaning Board, you say?

As a popular English idiom, “groaning board” simply means a dining table laden with a large amount of food. It is a feast of various foods served within a casual atmosphere.

The “groan” in “groaning board” (which dates back to the 17th century) refers, as you guessed, to the creaking and groaning noises produced by the wood of the table under stress by the weight of the food. The use of the word “board” for “table” was standard at the time, as tables for feasts were often literally long boards held up by trestles. This is the same “board,” by the way, found in the phrases “room and board” and “boarding house,” in each case referring to the inclusion of at least some meals in the deal.

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

"Little Drummer Boy" performed by Bob Seger in 2011

Bob Seger performs a wonderful version of "Little Drummer Boy"

Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band
DCU Center, Worcester MA
Nov 29, 2011
Hope this helps get you in the Christmas mood.

Merry Christmas to all
And Happy New Year.
Photos by Nanci

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Around the World in 80 Days with the Yoh Theatre Players

December 13, 2013
Woodstock VT

This past weekend the Yoh Players performed Mark Brown's adaptation of Jules Verne's "Around the World in 80 Days". The play takes place in the attic of a large New England house on Christmas Eve, 1872.

Alek Beaudoin takes on the role of the very proper Phileas Fogg, who wagers £20,000 (a staggering sum in 1872) that he and his newly hired manservant, Passepartout (the agile and quite comedic Brendan Geiger), can accomplish the trip. Beaudoin is perfect for the straight man in this comedy, so the more properly dignified he is, the better — and he is impeccable. But it is the supporting actors who get the chance to shine in plethora of strange roles.

New to the Yoh Players, Peter Vollers plays Detective Fix, a quirky London law enforcement officer who believes Fogg is an escaped bank robber and follows him on his trip almost every step of the way.

Aouda, the young Indian widow whom Fogg and Passepartout save from death as a suttee, Lily Denmeade the actress who plays her, does a nice job of seeming grateful and amazed.

But is Brendan Geiger as Passepartout who steals the show with his rapid fire dialogue and goofy facial expressions. He had the audience laughing out loud almost every time he was on stage.

The other highlight of the play are the various of modes of transportation the travelers take as they make their way around the world. Whether they are on a train, a steamship or an elephant, the actors mimic the bouncing, swaying and sudden lurches of travel with the mastery of silent-film stars.

Harriet Worrell's direction of “Around the World,” is both visually appealing and quite funny. The attic set is so appealing that one would love to climb on stage and explore all the knick knacks and treasures stored there.

Performance Images are posted HERE.

Yoh Theatre Players Present
Around the World in 80 Days
Woodstock Union High School
Woodstock VT December 13 , 2013
Copyright ©2013 Nancy Nutile-McMenemy
For The Vermont Standard:

Candlelight Vigil, Wassail Weekend, Around the World in 80 Days and more!

The weekend began on a somber note Thursday evening with a Candlelight Vigil sponsored by GunSenseVT remembering the victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy.
Images are posted HERE.

Woodstock Vermont hosted its 30th Annual Wassail Weekend with events packed into every day Friday the 13th through Sunday the 15th!

Friday kicked off the Wassail Weekend and I visited the North Pole! The Woodstock Little Theatre was transformed into Santa's village by the Woodstock Recreation Center. Lots of activities for kids, even a chance to visit with the Jolly Old Elf himself.
Images are posted HERE.

Next up was a trip "Around the World in 80 Days" The Yoh players performed the Mark Brown interpretation of the Jules Verne's classic adventure.
Images are posted HERE.

Saturday December 14th was jam packed with events happening all day and night around Woodstock Vermont.

The 29th Annual Wassail Equestrian Parade 
hosted by High Horses Therapeutic Riding.
This year featured over 30 riders/horses.
Images posted HERE.

Following the Parade 
The Lighting of the Yule Log and Carol Singing was held on the Green.
A proclamation was read by the Town Crier and Bonfire Bob got a roaring fire going to warm up the crowd. Images are posted HERE.

Traditional English Afternoon Tea 
Co-hosted by Pentangle Arts and St. James Church
at the St. James Church.
A chance for folks to warm up and enjoy afternoon tea. Volunteers donated the use of their bone china and silver teas services to the event. Images are posted HERE.

The Ten is an A Capella group from New York.
Two performances to standing room only audiences filled the Church with sounds of voices and hands clapping. Images are posted HERE.

As darkness fell the Green was all a glow with 400 luminaries 
sponsored by the Woodstock Rotary Club

Images are posted HERE.

Another crazy weekend for Photos By Nanci.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Holiday Craft Fairs and Bazaars in Full Swing-Support Your Neighbors!

Local Holiday Craft Fairs and Bazaars are in full swing now. Just in time for Holiday shopping.  Support your friends and neighbors by purchasing a special hand crafted gift for your loved ones.

Photos By Nanci covered many of these events for The Vermont Standard.

Saturday November 30, The Woodstock Inn and Resort hosted their Annual Craft Fair.
Images from that events are posted here.

Last weekend saw many craft fairs, a bell ringer concert, an open house and even a visit from Santa. If you couldn't make it out to visit some of these events sit back and click your way through my galleries to see what you missed.

The Saxton's River Bell Ringers hosted a Holiday Concert at the Ascutney House in Ascutney VT on Thursday December 5 at 7 pm. The event was hosted by the Weathersfield Proctor Library. Images are posted here.

Lots happened on Saturday December 7...

Hartland Elementary , Hartland VT hosted their annual Breakfast with Santa.  Images are posted here.

Brownsville VT hosted their Annual Craft Fair. Images are posted here.

Reading VT hosted their annual Holiday Craft Bazaar at the Reading Elementary School. Images are posted here.

Shackleton Thomas, Bridgewater VT hosted their Annual Open House. The event included demonstrations and craft making. Images are posted here.
Be sure to check The Vermont Standard this Thursday for all this weekend's events...
Or check their online Calendar for upcoming events like...
Woodstock VT Wassail Weekend  (Wassail Events Schedule)