Braeburn Siberians Dog Sledding

Great River Outfitters
Windsor VT January 6, 2013
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Looking for a traditional winter adventure, look no further than Windsor Vermont where Braeburn Siberians and Great River Outfitters host day and evening dog sledding adventures. Six times a day on Fridays and Saturdays and four times a night on Wednesdays and Fridays you can book your own dog sled.

The Siberians are bred and trained by Kathy Bennett and her husband Alex MacLennan in Windsor VT. The pair started out with five dogs and now have 33 (four generations of animals) under their care. The dogs are run in teams of 8-12 depending upon the weight of their load; under voice commands only and respond by way of mutual trust and respect between dog and human. For more information please vist: or

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