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Ida Mae Specker
Sunday June 28, 2015
Windsor VT
On Sunday, a few hundred music lovers flocked to the Old Farmer's Market Exchange in Windsor to support the talent of nine local bands. Just across the tracks from the Amtrack train station, this old building-which was formerly a Juke Joint-has been transformed into a music venue. It was the perfect place to host the "Incubator" an event planned and hosted by the newly formed musician's cooperative CaballBreakerRadio.

Maiden Voyage
Building owner Bob Haight and some of the musicians worked tirelessly over the last three weeks making the place ready and their hard work paid off. Toes were taping, feet were stomping and dancers were swinging to the sounds of a variety of music from old school folk, to a string band complete with a washbasin bass to a local Hip Hop group (that had even the most seasoned music lovers up and dancing) to hard core rock and roll.

Moxley Union
In an age where every region of the country hosts a summertime music festival, CaballBreakeRadio has come up with a new "business" model, it's about the music and the musicians not the money. With no corporate sponsors or promoters, the musicians have taken it upon themselves to advertise and promote so they can reap the benefits of exposure and the very low entrance fee. "We're a 'Tribe of Trouble Makers' in Vermont and New Hampshire. We exist to shine a spotlight on the audio arts in these two states. " says Jay Stevens one of the group's organizers. Watch for their next event, you'll want to catch it and be a part of this new style music festival.

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CaballBreaker Radio Incubator
The Old Farmer's Market Exchange
Windsor, VT June 28, 2015
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